From the desk of Chris DeRose



Dear LCA Supporter,


Thank you for sharing LCA’s strong resolve to stop the dog and cat meat trade in South Korea.


While we are working diligently every day to speed up the end of this brutal practice, we understand your desire to be updated on the situation.


We are certainly making progress, but the wheels of justice don’t move as quickly as we’d like them to. It has taken decades to get to the stronger position we occupy today. There are no concrete changes to report every day, or even every week. That doesn’t mean that the wheels aren’t turning, for we are making significant headway in uniting the forces here and in South Korea who want this stopped as much as we do.


We are now dealing with Korean officials in multiple U.S. states and in South Korea, as well as with organizations and individual activists there. While still working closely with officials in Los Angeles, we have expanded that network since we last saw you. We have established diplomatic relationships in the Unites States to the South Korean officials who can and will make a difference.


You should know that many of them feel the way we do, and even more so as this “superstitious ritual” is an embarrassment to them as modern people. There is a move among them to strengthen their animal welfare laws in a way which has the potential to make the dog meat trade untenable. We are doing everything possible to support that movement and help it succeed.


We will primarily be making announcements of milestones in this fight, not the day-to-day strategizing and groundwork. When there is something important and concrete to report, or when your participation is crucially needed, rest assured we will reach out to you.


We value your dedication, and you are an important part of our work to free the dogs and cats of South Korea, and wherever they are abused.


Please make sure you are signed up to receive LCA email news updates so that you will receive these announcements when they are made.


We appreciate your patience.